Version 2.0

You know that feeling where you think you should be further ahead? Like your journey is still getting started and you’re older than you thought you would be?

Maybe, it’s just me. Maybe it isn’t. And maybe you could use some the same reminders I have to keep telling myself daily.

Hey you, yes you. It is okay to be just as proud of all the things that you have done wrong as it is to be proud of all the things you have done right. Your failures tell the world that you have tried things and well, it just wasn’t for you, but you still tried. Your failures are proof that no one is perfect and everyone understands what you are going through. Every one understands the shame, the embarrassment, the inadequacy.

It is okay that you are average. Yeah, you may be a little shorter (or taller) than most but it’s not a bad thing. Being average isn’t either. More times than not being average amounts up to being human. You will have extraordinary moments along the way but your life is made up of smaller, more meaningful little moments that are just as remarkable as the big ones. Just like that one time where you laughed so uncontrollably on your shittiest day yet because everything was going wrong but somehow you could still laugh at all your shortcomings.

It is okay to be insecure sometimes. Accept the fact that you won’t feel like you are on top of the world every day. There are going to be those days where you just don’t want to get out of bed, days where you feel unsteady. Days where you will feel like you are back in high school, standing around not quite sure where to go. Be okay with all of this, it will make you more empathetic in the end. You will be able to see others and be aware of what they are going through. You will be cognizant of the fact that everyone has shitty days.

It is okay to feel tired. There are going to be more nights that you will be restless than be rested. It comes with growing up and building a life. You are the one who decides what being tired means to you – if you are still going to move forward with your day or let it hold you back.

It is okay to point out your flaws but don’t let them define who you are. Every single person has a work-in-progress sign taped to their back. We, as humans, all have things that we have to work on and we all know when we could have been better people. Don’t rip yourself a new one or walk all over yourself just because someone doesn’t like who you are – to hell with them, you can’t win them all.

It is okay that you don’t know everything. Imagine a life where you did. Nothing would seem fascinating or new anymore. You would not be blown away by leaves changing colours in the fall or the first snowfall. If you knew everything, there would be no point in continuing life – your journey and growth would be done before it even began. Be grateful that there are new things to learn, to explore, and people to love. There will always be doors opening and new opportunities that will come your way. Your lack of knowledge, in and of itself, is a gift. 

It is okay that you are imperfect perfect. There is no one person who will ever be fully complete. We all thrive on the problems that we face – the challenges. We are constantly in motion, changing with the seasons. Bettering ourselves for the next chapter in our lives.

So, be okay with this. You’re not settling. You are just confirming the fact that you are alive.

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