If You are Going to Love Someone, Love Them Without Fear

I am going to be blunt. You have to love someone without fear. You have to allow yourself to trust in the things that can’t be seen because there are going to be so many times where you will walk around with a blindfold on. You won’t always know the steps that you are going to be taking and there won’t always be guarantees. You have to open yourself up, you have love without fear.

Yes, when it comes to falling in love and finding your big love, there is always a chance that you will walk away scarred. You heart will be left broken. But you have to check your ego at the door. In order to fall completely for someone you have to believe in the unbelievable, in magic. Falling in love requires taking a leap of faith without looking down or back. Falling in love means that you are going to be scared, but also trusting that going for it will be worth it. Falling in love means putting all that you have into someone and knowing that it might not work out, but you are still going to give it a chance.

So, you have to love without fear. You just have to. You have to find the courage in your own vulnerability and allow it to shine. You have to open up to someone, you have to tell them your secrets and trust that they will keep them. It is not going to be easy – the best things in life never are. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be nervous, but you can’t give into it. Fear will hold you back from giving yourself fully to someone and, in turn, from being fully loved back.

The world is waiting for you. There is a special place in the universe that exists just for you and your big love. Explore this big bad world, be brave. Dive right in. Extend out your arms and hold out your hands – someone will be waiting to take them. Someone will catch you when you fall. Give it a chance.

Yes, there is a chance that you will be hurt. Maybe there will be days where you will put your walls back up and not let someone in. I get it, I do. Allowing someone to see the real you, the one that only a handful of people get the pleasure of meeting, is frightening. Letting someone go farther, letting them love you, is daunting.

Let go of your past hurt, your past loves that didn’t work out. Allow your walls to come down. Be free. Be you. Do the things that scare you. Let love in.

Just promise that you will love without fear. Even if you start out scared of what is to come, if you fail to break down those walls for a while – it is okay. Just don’t let that close you off to possibility. Don’t let the fear that you have built up from the past dictate what you do now. Don’t let the fear keep you from love, from who you love, or who loves you.

Love, and love without fear. 

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