Darling, Don’t be Afraid to Feel

Do you feel things a little too much – a little harder than everyone else you know?

Is it a mixed bag for you too?

Darling, know that you are not alone. You are not the only one wearing glasses that are filled with all of the colours of the rainbow. You are not the only one to look into someone’s eyes and see their entire soul. ¬†You are not the only one to know an entire story from only one sentence.

How are you?

How is your life?

Mine is filled with laughter that hurts my belly, love that soars on the wings of birds, heartbreak that has left parts of me forever blue, tears that stain my cheeks, and growth that is as tall as the oldest tree.

Our access to the human emotional spectrum and it is something that I know I would never trade. We understand that there is a wide meaning when it comes to life; it is filled with bumps and scrapes, lessons, and people who’ve stayed, and those who’ve left. Our connections that we build with people is something that goes beyond our understanding but we have mastered it, we know when to hold tight and when to let go. We have a tight string around people, we feel their pain and we feel their happiness.

But, darling, there is always another side to the story.

When we go through our own heartbreak, we never walk away untouched. We ache, we sob, we mourn. When the ones we hold closest to our hearts feel their own pain, we carry it with us wherever we go. We are a constant mess of worry, of concern. We are immersed in pain and try as hard as we can to put love into the wound.

Darling, those who see us as weak are wrong. We should never shrink our emotions, our minds for anyone. Darling, I know that you can sense the disapproval, we can smell the rejection but don’t let that change you. Throughout the course of our lives we have allowed ourselves to grin through every emotion. Every step that we have taken forward, we take a few steps back from the punch in the stomach from our own self-doubt. But even with all of that, we have to be strong. Always be strong.

Because we are strong. We are strong as we are. Our hearts beat loudly, they are bursting with life.

How many people have you helped?

How many stories have you kept secret?

How many tears have fallen on your shoulder?

You look them in the eyes as they look at you with disbelief. Their hands shake within yours as the words fall from their lips and land in your heart. You heal them with your presence, you see them for all that they are – broken or whole. You grant them the strength that they need to jump over the hurdles that they struggle to get over. They trust you.

Have you not held someone through their heartbreak?

Darling, people rely on you for your sensitivity.

Today, make a promise – to me, to yourself, to the world. Darling, never apologize for being who you are, for feeling. We don’t need to explain ourselves and the depth of our emotions. We don’t need to say sorry for the times that we cry, for the hurt that we feel when someone leaves. Instead, allow yourself to leave your mark on this world. Stand up, and stand tall. Embrace the courage that we give others and find it in ourselves.

You are worth every inch of space that you occupy.

Be you, always be you.

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