This is What Being in Love is Like

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What does being in love feel like to you? What does it look like?

Because it is more than just roses and butterflies.

Because it is more than falling asleep together.

Because it is more than three words.

Being in love is like being sick to your stomach on a regular basis because they are ten minutes late coming home from work. Love means always having the constant worry for their well-being. Love means they are connected to you in a way that is both overwhelming and wholesome.

Love means that when they are nervous for an interview, a presentation, a speech – you are nervous too. Your palms are sweaty and the pacing starts. Love means that you will show up every single time even if you are sicker than a dog.

Being in love is like being on a roller-coaster. Love means yelling at them when they frustrate you, when they laugh at you, when they fall asleep before you. Love is waking up after they have done something horrible to you in your dream and making them apologize. Being in love means constantly trying because you can’t imagine what life would be like if you were forced to live without them.

Love means tossing and turning because the warmth of their body is not next to yours when they are out late or working a night shift.

Being in love is being curious about their day: how it went, how they feel afterwards, do they need a swift drink, a back-rub. Love means listening to every word that they are saying and finding the missing pieces in the words that they left out. Love means reassurance.

Love means comfort. Comforting them when they are sick, when they are at their lowest point. Comforting them when everything seems to be turning up zeroes, and when everything is turning gold. Love means dragging them to the doctor even when they don’t want to. Being in love is a job that you don’t mind waking up for.

Being in love is sitting through a three-hour Disney musical because you know it makes them happy. Being in love is waiting for a midnight launch. Love means cheering for the same team. Love means give and take.

Love means waking up at the same time because their alarm goes off for work. Love means starting the day together because there isn’t another smile that you want to see in the morning. Being in love is spending the moments before the day actually starts together.

Being in love is like opening a door. A door that is allowed to blow in the wind because there is nothing that they don’t know about you. A door that is worn and has squeaking hinges, but that’s okay, because you’ll love it no matter what – flaws and all. Love is keeping all of your promises and remind yourself that they are yours, that they will let you rant for hours about something pointless.

Love means compromising the PVR because the number of shows they watch is endless. Being in love deciding what is important and worth fighting for.

Love means seeing their family and yours over the holidays, no matter what. Being in love means no complaining that there is not enough time here or there, you are content with just being. Love means building a family together.

Love means growing up and old with each other. Being in love is changing together and allowing your person to become their own person.

Being in love is a calm voice and wise words. No matter how fucking mad you are, you will breath because you know that words hurt and some words can’t be forgiven. Love means throwing caution signs, left-right-centre.

Love means sacrifice. Sacrificing the last piece of pizza, of candy, of ice cream. You know they love those things just as much as you and you have to be willing to give up certain things to make them happy. Because you know they are worth saving it for.

Being in love is being best friends. A team. Partners in crime.

Love means exactly what you need it to be. Love means being exactly where you are meant to be.

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