Sometimes You Are Allowed to Forget


Hey you, yes you, how is your heart today?

You can still feel it beating in your chest underneath your rib cage, pounding harder than usual. You can feel it breaking, you can feel it mending.

You’re allowed to forget about your troubles. You’re allowed to forget about him, about her, about them. You’re allowed to move on.

You’re allowed to forget about the heartbreak – about the nights that felt like they would never end and the tears that dried on your cheeks. The days you spent telling yourself that you were not enough, that you will never be enough. It does not do you any good dwelling on the things that hurt you – let them go, let them fly away in the wind.

Your heart is going to beat to a new rhythm now.

You’re allowed to forget about the trauma that has surrounded you. The wounds that feel like they are so deep they will never heal. You’re allowed to throw away the labels and the whispers behind your back. You no longer have to feel weak, you no longer have to carry the burden of their words on your shoulders.

You are a new person now.

You’re allowed to forget about the betrayal. All those people who let you down, stopped showing up, stopped talking – you can throw them to the wind too. Do you see them standing next to you? No. You’re allowed to give the faith, the trust that you put in them into others. Give them a chance to see the beauty that you are. Show them how strong your love is. The bitterness that the others gave you, you not obliged to carry it any longer.

Your smile will knock them down.

You’re allowed to forget about the fear. Who cares if they tell you that you can’t do it, show them you can and do it better than they could. Forget about the ones who tell you that the person you are isn’t good enough – they obviously don’t know your heart and never deserved your time. You’re allowed to ignore the constant beat of caution, of deliberation, of doubt. You’re allowed to push back the paralyzing feelings and move forward.

Open your eyes, your arms – stop playing it safe.

You’re allowed to forget all of it – every single bit of it. You don’t have to keep carrying the weight that is holing you back. What is in the past, is done, there is no going back. You don’t have to carry the wounds because you are scared to be the person you are meant to be without them. You’re allowed to turn the page, close the chapter, and begin again. 

You can forget it all because there is so much more to remember.

Remember the ways that you pulled yourself together when everything around you was crumbling. Remember the nights that you wiped your own tears away and forced yourself to get out of bed the next day. Remember the battles that you won and the lessons that you learned along the way. Remember that you, and only you, have the ability to push yourself. Remember that you will prevail.

Remember all of the people who stand next to you and helped you get up on your own two feet again. Remember the kind words, and happy memories that come with them. Remember the times where laughter was the only thing that made your tummy ache. Remember the people who have never left, when the rest of them were leaving you in their headlights, and appreciate them a little bit more.

Remember all of the times where everything was going your way. When you headed down the fork in the road, scared as hell, but ready to try again. Remember the moments that everything changed, and the first person you wanted to tell. Remember the best things that have happened to you are always the ones that you least expected, let them motivate you.

Lastly, remember love. The love that you show yourself, for those around you, and for the future that is brighter than ever. Remember the strength that you have. The resilience that you have to push yourself forward when challenges want to force you down. Remember that beauty comes from within. That integrity you show people reflects your morals, that it is what brings people together. Remember the moments that took your breath away.

Forget all of the unnecessary pain that you carry around with you.

What is done, is done.

Life goes on.

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