Intertwined In You

Waking up to the stars overhead, the moon making its way to the horizon. Intertwined in your arms, my head on your chest. I nuzzle myself closer to your face, your warm breath surrounding me.

I inhale and am overwhelmed with your all your scents: sweat, cologne, deodorant, morning breath. All of them wrap around me, they have become so familiar. It is a comfort that I don’t want to go without.

I wrap myself closer, cocooning myself within your arms – your legs. I drag my fingers down your spine, sending chills. I let my fingernails trace along the small of your back, just above your boxer briefs. Across your stomach and along your hips. I delicately trace my nails back over your hands, your arms, your shoulders.

I trace along your jawline, slow enough to feel my nails catch along your stubble before I weave my fingers into your hair. Your breath catches as you look up into my eyes to find my devious smile.

It is this, our existence together that makes early mornings worth it. Every detail of your hands on my back, mine on yours. No space between us. The perfection.

It is in these moments where there are never too many kisses. Cheeks, nose, eyes, forehead, neck, chest. There isn’t a place that hasn’t been touched by my lips, by yours.

Your eyes on mine. Your lips parting into a smirk. A wave of laughter erupts from my tummy, a warmth that this is where I am meant to be. Where I am meant to spend my mornings. It’s a moment that affirms everything to me.

In those moments, everything is quiet – everything is calm.

Let’s stay here for a while.

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