She’s Going to Haunt You

She is the type of woman that you want by your side. You knew this from the moment you let her into your life. She’s an enchantment that caught you, you marvel in her.

She is not here for you to label her; for you to put her inside your tiny box. She is not here just for your entertainment or for you to experience. Bask in her flame. Your perception of her doesn’t even amount to what she truly is.

You see the stars in her eyes, the twinkle of the light reflected in them. She frightens you because she shines brighter than the sun. Taste her. It’s like a mixture of the sweetest cake and strongest liquor. She is the sweetest sin you will ever know.

She is the ignition, the one that sets your fuel burning.

You feel it in the pit of your stomach the moment she is gone. The twist of the knife that doubles you over in pain. She is the rush of endorphins you feel when you kiss her, when you touch her. Her lips are the most seductive poetry you have ever read.

She is the smell of rain after a drought and the comfort of the sun after it’s been gone too long. She is everything reckless and foolish, the pounding of her heart in her chest is your new favourite song.

Stupid boy, you will never be able to capture her. You will never be able to solve her mystery. She is not some mystical creature, though, never forget. She is real and she is present. She is the shiver that you feel when you get cold.

She is a shock to your system.

It’s like a light switches on when she talks about changing the world – about making a difference. Her passion and drive will be the death of you. But don’t let it dull your flame, let it guide your own desires.

She was never meant for a simple, small life. She is meant for greatness. So, believe in her, believe that she can do it. Only those who do will be able to see what she is.

She will be the warmth that you have missed all along.

She chose you for a reason. She chose you to be intoxicated by her beauty, by her mind. She chose you to cut down the vines that surround her heart. She chose you.

You are caught in her spell. You don’t know how to escape. You see her and you want to run. You hold her and you can’t let go. You kiss her and you don’t want to stop. You bring her close only to push her away.

Don’t worry, she’s stupid too, she’ll wait.

She is fiction in your world of facts. A figment of your imagination. Someone who is both real and imaginary. She’s nothing but a ghost to you.

You want to give into her, give into her very being. You’ve never encountered anything like her and you just don’t understand. How can she be everything but nothing? How can she be beautiful but ugly?

She is the blood flowing through your veins.

Maybe it is because you have never experienced a love like hers. Maybe it is because you have never felt someone genuine. Maybe it is because you are shielding yourself. Maybe it is because you are scared.

Boy, she isn’t perfect. She is all things messy and chaotic. She is all things emotional and wild. But buried beneath is her heart, dancing to the rhythm of its own beat. She isn’t easy and will challenge you every step of the way. She will be worth all of it.

But if you try to forget her, she will haunt you.

Don’t let her become the heart that you crumble. Don’t let her fall victim to your childish mentality. She deserves so much more than that.

She will be the taste of cinnamon and honey, vanilla and mint. She will forever stay imprinted on your lips.

Don’t let her go. Don’t let her be the dried up leaf you hear crunch under your feet. Don’t let her become tangled in the sheets. Don’t let her fade away.

Jump in, head first. Feel the rush surround you and live in it. She will be worth all of it.

She will be more than you can handle, accept it. You can’t cage her wild heart. She is everything that you were meant to feel.

And if you can’t see through it all, see through the fog – maybe she was never meant to be yours.

She will never be too much, she will be just enough. She is everything you have ever wanted and needed. She will become a part of your heart, your soul.

Let her in, she won’t be the one to break you down. She would rather see you blossom into something incredible than fall victim to the shade. She will open you up to a world that you would not have known otherwise.

So, let her in.

Or, let her go. But if you do, she will haunt you.

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