When You Don’t Want to Get Out of Bed, Let Me Help You


Darlin’, I know that there will be days where you would rather stay tucked under the covers. Days where you don’t want to get up. Days where you want to shut the world out. Days where you will stare at the ceiling and contemplating, looking for the right excuse to keep you down for the count.

Look up darlin’, let me see those pretty eyes. Let me see that smile that everybody talks about. Let me inside your mind and tell me all of the things that are wrong. Show me the intelligence that I keep hearing about. Show me that special person that lights up everyone’s life.

I know that you are thinking of all the reasons why the world has let you down today. How it will keep breaking your heart and make you fall asleep crying.  I know you are thinking about him or her and why they haven’t talked to you in a few days, wondering what you did wrong. I know you are thinking about the one that you lost and how they are never coming back. I know you are thinking about that dead-end job that leaves you worn out. I know you are thinking about all the cleaning you have to do, the dog you have to walk and the baby in the crib that won’t stop crying.

Darlin’, I know it’s tiring.

I know it’s hard to deal.

I know  it’s hard to see the brightness.

But please, darlin’ find the inspiration in everything you do. Every single thing that you do affects someone else, someway. The soft hum you make while rocking your baby soothes their every worry. The slow hand you rub down someone’s back to make them know you’re there is a comfort beyond words. The smile that you give to a stranger walking down the street may just help keep them going. The goodnight kisses, the good morning cuddles. It all means something.

Make a difference with each step that you make.

Darlin’, the rain will go away and the sun will break through the clouds. Make it a daily reminder. Even if it comes back another day, at least you will know that what comes afterwards will be splendid. The world is waiting for you. Make it a point to show them the kind, smart, wonderful person you are. Make it a point to be a better you.

Hug someone. Hug them tighter. Kiss your baby. Kiss your lover. Kiss your mother, your father, your grandparents. Say a joke. Laugh. Set your standards high. Never settle. Take a run. Listen to the music too loud. Tell someone they look good. Tell someone you love them. Tell someone that they are enough. Tell yourself.

All of this is exactly why you need to get up. People are relying on you. People are waiting for you. Shine bright, darlin’, brighter than the brightest star in the sky.

You are here for a reason. You exist for a reason. You are meant to wake up each day and make something happen. You are meant for something better. Swing your feet off the bed and push yourself forward. Hop in the shower, refresh. Find your purpose for the day (even if it is just playing with your child all day long). This world was only given one version of you, it’s pretty beautiful.

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