Maybe One Day I’ll Write a Novel

“Rach, you should probably look up right about now,” Blaire nudged me as I was shoveling salad into my mouth.

Blaire, clever Blaire, the one who likes to stir shit up at every chance she gets. Bless her heart, though, she just wants to help me break out of my shell. I gazed up, looking at her, as she subtly pointed over towards the entryway into the cafeteria. And that’s when she poked my side, which is incredibly ticklish, and I laughed out loud. That’s when he looked my way and I swear I turned 50 shades of pink.

Andrew Scott. What was there to say about the brooding boy who captured my attention at the beginning of last year. He was with a bunch of the other senior guys, strolling in like they own the place. But him, he always had one headphone in while the other dangled over his chest, staring off into space – something I can relate to.

“You should just talk to him…” she sighed as she followed my gaze.

“Yeah, cause that got me where last time? Hmm… that’s what I thought.”

“Rach, you got nervous, we all get nervous. You just need to lift up that head, put on that cute smile and walk over. Show him who’s boss.”

“Nothing… that’s what came out last time. I stood there, looking like some idiot. I am NOT doing that again.”

Blaire tilted her head, looking like she was aiming up for her next shot, “Come on, it wasn’t that bad and besides you just need practice.”

It wasn’t that I was scared to talk to Andrew. It wasn’t that he was out of my league or that I hadn’t had plenty of opportunities. It was that I didn’t know him, I never gave myself the chance to muster up conversation with him. He was a year older than I was and even though we belonged to the same group of friends, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I didn’t want to be let down.

“Hey, I have an idea…”

“I don’t like the sound of that Blaire. Your stupid ideas leave me looking like a damn fool.”

“That’s not true… entirely,” she laughed.

She always laughed at my awkwardness. The last time she tried to set me up with one of Theo’s friends was a nightmare. I stuttered, ate too fast and got the hiccups, choked on my water and not to mention tripped walking out of the restaurant. I mean, we all laughed it off but I was the one left feeling like shit.

“You just need to go out with a group of people, show off how amazing you are. You are my best friend, Rach, you’re not awkward with me.”

“Yes, I am. You just have to put up with me and besides you don’t have to kiss me at the end of the night.”

She laughed, again. Blaire is the ying to my yang, the jelly to my peanut butter. Where I am quiet, she is loud. She is everything that someone like me needs. Blair takes my hand and squeezes, “I put up with you because I like you. It’s about damn time we show the world how incredible you are.”

“I hate how you always know the right things to say -“

“And now the quest begins. We have to be determined, we have to have faith, we have to… not fall victim to insanity. This isn’t going to be impossible, Rach. Just trust me.”

We got up from the table, her still squeezing my hand. Until Theo came into her view. That boy does things to her that I can’t even begin to describe. They have deen dating for six months now and honestly, it is hard to be around them. They are both gorgeous. Her blonde hair mixing with his brown; his brown eyes darker than chocolate, hers as blue as the sea.

“Hey, there she is!” Theo called. I swear, every time he sees her his eyes turn golden. Blaire ran, separating the distance between them only to jump into his arms. I know, corny as shit, but I love them.

“Oh, hey, Rach, you hanging out with us tonight?” He always asked and I usually always gave the same answer.

“Yeah, not today. Thanks though,” I looked over at Blaire, she eyed me and it seemed like she was trying to use Jedi-Mind tricks to get me to change my mind.

“Oh, c’mon kid, it’ll be fun. Andrew’s going to be there.”

I stopped dead in my tracks. This wasn’t going good. I looked up at Blaire, she had this cunning smile plastered on her face. She knew the whole fucking time. She won’t hear the end of this.

“Blaire, how… you -“

“Don’t even start with me, plus I told your mom you’re staying with me tonight” with that she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the car.

I put my headphones in, turned it up louder than I needed to to prove a point and crossed my arms over my chest. I can’t believe that I am sitting in the back of the car heading who knows where, to do who knows what. I can’t believe she had this planned the entire time. She is sneaky, I will give her that much.

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