Orphan Black, Why Must You Leave Me?


Everything ends… everything. Crazy, isn’t it? How after this season, Orphan Black will cease to exist on my TV. I will only be able to binge and binge some more one of the best sci-fi series next to Fringe. It is upsetting.

Everything ends even if your genetics are being used to develop generations of clones, reborn beyond your own existence.

Tatiana Maslany, now Emmy Award winning actress (it was about damn time the world knew of your brilliance), plays multiple people spanning the last four seasons and will continue to do so in the fifth and final season. It is hard to imagine that it is just one person doing Sarah, Alison, Helena, Cosima, Rachel, Beth, Katja, Jennifer, Tony, Krystal and MK, but she does and it is flawless.

Discovering and becoming a proud member of the Clone Club and the Setrahood has taken me on an emotional, speculatory, and hyperactive journey. It pumps my brain into overdrive and continues to throw things at me when I rewatch the episodes over again. I can’t imagine what my days will be like when the story is over. When Sarah, Alison,  Donnie, Helena, Cosima, Rachel, Felix, Kira, Mrs. S and all the rest are gone. But here we are, the road is coming to end.

Orphan Black breaks all of the molds that television has evolved into. This show is female-centric, it gives you all the variations and iterations that a woman can be. It allows you to see that women can be powerful, intelligent, witty, cunning, badass; all rolled into a perfect representation. It is what makes it so wonderful. It is a show that makes me excited every single time I watch it. It is more than the sum of its parts. By simply telling the story of the characters that are all living in traditional male spaces, they have helped usher in a new wave of story-telling, heroism and antiheroism isn’t just for men anymore.

If you haven’t watched yet, here’s the jist of it:

You are given Sarah Manning, hopping off a train only to see her identical step in front of a passing train. Fast forward you are given more and more identicals, more twists, more turns, more questions. Having Tatiana Maslany lead and her background in improvisation just grows, not only her own characters but the other actors as well. The fact that the show is dominated by female personalities isn’t what makes the show special, it is the humanity behind it. Did it make it easy for the rest of the world to exploit and control them? Fuck yes it did; but that is just human experience. It allowed them to fight against their circumstance and stand up and say: “this is my biology, my decision.”

It wasn’t enough that Orphan Black is simply a show based around strong characters; it has a penultimate purpose and is filled with fringe theory and science (that could actually fucking happen and it is so perfect). Nature vs Nurture, evolutionary biology, the control and influence of science itself. They have made the story riveting, engaging and, at times, terrifying. The social, political, and scientific ramifications have all made the experience of watching the series worth every minute.

The talent behind the show, the actors that are all Canadian (fucking rights) and truly are beyond anything I have ever encountered. Tatiana Maslany will leave the show and be in the perfect position to become one of the world’s greatest. Her co-stars have nothing but greatness to say about her. They themselves are remarkable. Jordan Gavaris is a constant on the show, pushing his own boundaries. I have not seen an interview where he is not filled with laughter or some sort of humour. He is a driving force. Kristian Bruun, I mean… COME ON PEOPLE, we saw him work it in his underwear on numerous occasions. Donnie has become the most enduring character on the series (Outside of Helena) and someone who I am always rooting for. Kevin Hanchard has grown so much over the years and has become an integral part of finding out the remaining pieces of the story. The love that you can see between Cosima and Delphine, between Tat and Evelyne Brochu lights up the screen and makes you hopeful for their outcome. Maria Doyle Kennedy, who plays Siobahn (we share the same name so she is bound to be a badass bitch), is not to be messed with.

So, even though the story arc is coming to an end and it will definitely be bittersweet, I will not be sad. We were given a special thing, Clone Club, but it will leave on a high note. It helped create a new genre of television and made way for female-centric shows to be dynamic and empowering. Simply by existing, Orphan Black has changed everything. Females aren’t just acceptable, they are extraordinary.

We will always make crazy science together. We will always have Alison and Donnie twerking. We will always have our Sestrahood and Clone Club.

For now… you’re welcome for providing you with the best 30 seconds of television.



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