My Greatest Love Affair

68755adbba26ea16615348cc5640035cMusic is my greatest escape. The moment that I turn on my playlist or switch on my satellite radio, turn it up a little louder than usual, is the best way to get away from my troubles.

Real music gives you all the feels. Real music takes you away. Real music is more than just properly put together words with instruments playing in the background. There is magic hidden inside each note, each verse. Whether it is the instruments or the lyrics or the combination of the two that make you feel as if everything you needed to get off your chest has been released, it is an echo in your mind that everything is going to be alright.

Music, for me, is one of my greatest love affairs. I will never lose interest in the new music that hits Spotify or finding the perfect song to set the mood for the day. Music has hardly ever let me down. Music doesn’t leave me when I am at my worst or laugh at me when I sing a little off-key or dance around the house in my underwear. Music has never made me catch feelings that I quickly lose if I don’t hear a particular song in a while. Music will always be there for me and for that, it is a love that I will have for my lifetime and not many people can say that about the relationship they are in right now.

Music will never make you feel let down over and over again.

Music lays everything out in front of you and welcomes you in.

Music makes me feel good.

You know the chills that you get when you hear a singer for the first time and their voice is something that is both unique, troubling and just strikes you with awe? Or when a song is pounding in your headphones and it just takes you back to a moment in time? There’s a reason for this and it is because music allows your body to release dopamine. The feel-good chemical that our bodies release during some of our most powerful euphoric moments including when we have sex or eat food. Listening to music can be just as satisfying, if not more so.

Music doesn’t ask for anything in return. Music doesn’t start talking to you only to get something from you. Music won’t take you out to dinner and a movie only to bring you home at the end of the night expecting more. Music will always make the effort to get to know you better. Music will always stay.

The actions that we look forward to in our relationships with people is very different from our relationships with music. We crave the bond with people. The excitement that surrounds the first hug or kiss, the slow touch of their fingertips down your spine or across your cheek, their lips on your forehead making their way to your lips. No matter the level of pleasure, that feeling is something that we rely on and without it, feelings slowly dissipate. Music won’t do that to you. It takes care of you.

There is nothing better than getting lost in a song.

Music will never talk back.

Music speaks in beautiful ways.

Music will always respect me. Music will never fail when it comes to building a connection or continuing communication. There is an endless library out there, row upon row, of beautiful songs that are waiting to be found. They are waiting there for me to find them and share them with everyone I know because there is no better way to get my message to you. So, please, if I ever send you a song or lyrics – there is a purpose to them. The lyrics and the way the instruments accompany them will tell you everything I can’t say. I promise, that every song I give you will be worth the 3-10 minutes it will take to listen to them.

The biggest moments, the moments that stand out in my memory, are all connected to a song or a playlist. If I scroll through my media library and turn on a random song, you better believe that there will be a moment connected to it. Music triggers memories, good or bad, and the song connected will make you feel it all over again. This, to me, proves that my connection with music is stronger than almost any connection I have made with a person. This power that music has over me is something that is untouchable and hard for anything to compete with.

In today’s world, building a lasting relationship is very different. Technology has advanced, communication has changed, pictures can be gone in 10 seconds. You have to be careful on social media because once you like or comment on something it could trigger something in your significant other that once didn’t exist. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t happen in every relationship and not many people pay that close attention to social media, anyways.

With music, I don’t have to worry. Yes, people can make fun of my love for country music and singer-songwriter songs that no one has ever heard before. Yes, people can tell me to turn down that shit because it is sad. But they don’t control my music or my love for each and every single song. With the advances in the ways that I can listen to music. I can pick and choose the playlists I want to listen to based on my mood or what I am doing. I can choose how I want my music to sound, giving it a virtual thumbs up or down based on my experience.

Can you imagine the effects that would have on a relationship? Giving a thumbs down to someone because they bored you with the conversation or picked a terrible place to eat. Can you imagine the reaction on his or her face? I mean, it would be hilarious and downright rude…

Music is my life.

Music is my constant.

Falling in love with something always makes you feel good. Falling in love with something every minute, with every word, with every chord – not much can top that. Having that kind of relationship is rare. If you find it, hold on to it. Finding someone who can make you feel as good as music does, is possible.

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