Twin Flames


We are embers from the same fire.

When our souls met, it was like a fire had ignited in my heart. It was an instant feeling of comfort mixed with excitement mixed with ‘where have you been all my life?’ The very moment our souls met, the very moment that they became aware of each other; there was no returning, there was no going back. The moment you came into my life, time meant nothing. It passed around us and still, no amount of time was ever enough. Hours, days, weeks, months, years. They all went by and no matter if we spent time apart, we could always get back to exactly where we left off. That internal connection we share cannot be turned off, that has become our constant.

We are dust from the same star.

I didn’t care where I was in life or about my circumstance. You didn’t care where the path would take us or about what the rest of the world would say. Our souls didn’t understand the normal concepts of the chase, of dating, of the time it takes to fall in love. Traditional rules didn’t apply to you and me, they still don’t. Maybe that’s why you pushed so hard on the brakes because it was all going so fast. Maybe that’s why the moment it became real, we both pushed on the brakes.

We are minerals from the same rock.

Time passed and still our souls, our hearts can’t forget what we meant to each other. You came back into my life and I waltzed right back into yours. We began to understand that we were more than soul-mates, we were more than what we ever thought. You looked at me like I was the first person you had ever laid eyes on. I looked at you like you were the only person I wanted to give my time to. With us, there was never any denying the feeling. It was something that was elusive to others, there was never anything that needed to be figured out – it was all perfectly lined up on the table for us to reach. It really is how Plato had summarized long ago, “[…] and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intmacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment…”

We are echoes of the same song.

What we have is rare. It is a magic that is so powerful that over distance, time and space we have come to know each other. We have come to regonize each other in each life like two magnets coming together. The connection that we share has always been instantaneous and there are never any hesitations. Our hearts, our souls merged together in an undefiable, unified connection. Together, we became immersed in our own world, the other world was just there.

We are together.

You and I, we are complete together. You have been the steady hand guiding me to where I needed to go. You have been the passion and courage that I needed when I had lost all hope. I have been the adventure that you were waiting to find. I have been the one to pull back your layers and help you be the person that you were hiding. Together we have found acceptance, honesty, healing and fulfillment. Together we are a balancing act, we are equals. Together we are everything that has ever existed and will ever exist.

We are complete.

You and I have discovered more together than either of us thought possible. You and I are a complete puzzle, our pieces are no longer missing.

We are twin flames.

You are my twin flame. There is only one you and I am glad that you came to me unexpectantly.  It is both terrifying and amazing. It is passionate and relaxing. It is not about want or need, it simply is just. You are the only soul that is my vice, you are the only soul that can light this flame. You are my twin flame and I cannot wait for the day that you come waltzing back into my life.

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