Still Learning

Finding the meaning of life is not simple nor is it something that we will ever succeed in finding. Finding the meaning of life is something that we will have to look for every day. You have to come up with plans and then better plans after that, you have to refuse the lull that you will find, you have to start searching. You have to keep learning. We all have a few minutes in our day to look. Hell, if it takes you a lifetime, so be it.

What motto do you live by? Carpe Diem; One foot in front of the other; YOLO; Drink coffee and pretend you know something; Do or do not, there is no try; 42. Whatever it may be, you’ve heard them all in some variation or another. You’ve heard that you should live each day like it’s your last. You’ve heard that you should have a plan to navigate this world. It seems that everyone has a guiding force behind their days, their years. People are striving for whatever it is they are looking for.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy tells a story of an advanced race who build a mega computer that was programmed to answer the meaning of life. After all the information was computed, knowledge was tabulated and the wisdom of the universe was taken into account… the answer was 42.
We pay people to tell us more about our family trees. We pay motivational speakers to tell us how to find the meaning of life. We look for the “Secret” to life only to find there was never a secret to begin with. Somehow we think that if we live by these things our lives will be forever changed.
We are forgetting one thing. We are asking the wrong questions and getting the wrong answers.

Why? Perspective. You will always be searching for a meaning to life, always. You will always be changing that meaning. You will always be changing yourself.

Finding the meaning of life isn’t about living by just one motto. It is about incorporating many and having them fit your ideals perfectly. It is about experiencing everything that is thrown at you. It is about telling the ones you love that you love them. It is about saying yes more times than you say no. It is about living in the moment and focusing on that. It is about living recklessly within the rules. It is about not letting what ifs surround you. It is about going after your dreams. It is about you.

The purpose to my life will differ from yours and his and hers. The purpose that you will find is whatever purpose you decide to give it. The purpose is uniquely yours and what you bring into this life is something that would change if your pebble wasn’t on the beach.

Now, I am not one to give profound advice but if you take one thing away from this let it be this: just live. We spend too much of our times plotting out our lives down the road and get let down when it doesn’t work out the way it was supposed to. The great irony of life is that whether we get what we want or not, we often miss out on the experiences that were meant to be ours because we are too busy living out plans and not just experiencing life. We all need to look around and look closely. Grab moments and not years. Take our lives and cherish them. Live with reckless abandon and let what is meant to happen, happen.

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