Wake Up, Motivate

The simplest thing I could ever tell you is that life is not like the movies. Yes, there are aspects of movies that are exactly like our lives, but we rarely get those movie endings. We will end up hurting a lot more times than there will be happy endings. And sometimes, the things that make us happy in the end will end up hurting us.

There are days that we will get up, groggy from sleep and not wanting to get out of bed, without having a reason. We just want to stay in bed and waste the day away, staring at the ceiling or at our phones contemplating life choices. There are days when we will spend hours crying and our nose runs down our face. There will be days when we will be so far into our dreamland because we have no clear path to take. There will be days when nothing will go right and everything that could go wrong does, in the snap of our fingers.

Why, with all the confounding variables that surround us, with all the lack of sleep and broken hearts, do we wake up every morning?

We have to stop the comparisons and watching our lives play out like a tragic movie reel. We have to cut that reel into pieces and look at the moments, one by one. Sometimes those pieces will be tiny while others will be large chunks. We should then, take those moments, look at them closer and realize what we should be holding on to.

One tiny bad moment and our lives can go back into that downward spiral.

Life, darling, is this gigantic picture we all hold. Each picture is filled with captured moments in time and placing them in the correct order could keep us all a little happier. Take your moments and rearrange them from happiest to gloomiest. Why? Because, darling, if you can keep the pieces that way life will seem a lot better. They will allow you to slowly wake up to a more beautiful picture each morning with a smile on your face.

Are you ready?

Your picture is pretty amazing isn’t it?

Keep waking up for a picture that is worth a thousand stories.

The pictures you see, you survived all those moments.

Darling, we will always have something brilliant to wake up to. We wake up for the person sleeping next to us, for the children sleeping down the hall. We wake up for the genuinely kind heart that you have, for the moments that you have saved someones life with that smile. We wake up for tiny moments that turn into bigger pictures. It won’t always be easy, but it is the choices that we will make along the way that will make it better.

People never deserve to feel like they are alone, that no one loves them, that no one cares enough to take the time out of their days to hear them out. People never deserve to be alienated or quieted. People never deserve to feel like they can’t talk to someone. There are some people who will never reach out, and that is when you have to reach out harder. You could be that person, darling. You could be the one to make a happy moment in their picture.

People want to remember the reasons why they get out of bed each morning. Be there to remind them. Let them inside your world and they will let you in too, with time. Together, you can create the most colourful, badass picture you have ever laid eyes on.

Are you ready?

Give someone a hug, squeeze tightly. Tell someone you love them and appreciate them. Tell someone that they are special. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Tell someone that you can’t picture your life without them.

Pick up your phone and call back your missed call. Text, snap, messenger; whatever it is you do these days, and give someone a smile, a hello, an acknowledgement that you’re thinking about them.

Now go to the mirror. Tell yourself that you are kind, you are smart, you are beautiful. Put your arms around yourself and squeeze. Tell yourself that you are worthy and enough. Smile.


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