Time Turner

giphy (16)A Time Turner, like the one Hermione used in Harry Potter and  the Prisoner of Azkaban, is a device that has the Hour-Reversal Charm placed on it. If you spin it, each rotation equals the number of hours one can go back in time. But you all know that, if you have read the books or seen the movie. Time travel, regardless if you are in the magical or muggle world, is still only possible for a limited time. Anything further and there would be catastrophic harm to the user. If you could gain an extra hour or two or twenty-four, would you? What would you do with it?

Younger me would want more hours to spend talking with my grandfather, gaining the wisdom I know he would have taught me if I had more time with him. Younger me would spend more time with the friend that I now know I lose contact with. Younger me would want more time just being a child, growing up too fast doesn’t get you anywhere.

Would you spend a few extra hours in bed in the morning, allowing yourself more time to rejuvenate or to wake up over and over again to the person you want to spend your life with? Would you take a trip and delay leaving a few hours at a time? Would you go back and be able to complete university courses faster because deadlines are now a thing of the past? Would you spend a few extra hours with someone who always had to leave at the end of the day? Would you go to Disney Land and skip the lines?

Time is a curious thing. Some days it feels like it drags on for far too long while others it is as if you blink and the entire day is gone. Time is given just as much as it is taken. Time is not constant. According to Albert Einstein time is relative, varying for different observers depending on how they are moving through time. Einstein also gave us the theory of special relativity where time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast you move relative to another object. Accordingly, general relativity states that gravity can also bend time. Whether you want to believe in this or not, is fine, but the more you look into the science behind time the more confusing it gets but the more sense it makes.

Present me would want a few more hours in the day to coordinate naps. Present me would want to spend a few more hours staring at the sunset. Present me would want to have a few more hours cooking and baking. Present me would want more hours spent catching up on the, what seems like endless, television series I watch. Present me would want more hours spent listening to music that is too loud, reading and writing.

Would you spend more hours with your children, watching them laugh? Would you spend more time traveling and getting to see all the things on your bucket list? Would you spend more time on yourself and less on others? Would you spend more time finishing your work deadline so that you could have those few extra hours, later, spent with your little family?

Would you use it at all?

The idea of time travel is wonderful but I am not sure I would want to. There are too many consequences that come along with going back in time. If you made one small decision that you never made previously. If the butterfly effect happened and everything you knew changed. A concept that is filled with so much wonder and so much pressure. Who knows, time travel could already exist and we wouldn’t know any different.

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