A Farewell to The Vampire Diaries

“I was feeling epic.”

There is no other way to sum up the series. Epic.

giphy (12).gif

This is it. After 8 seasons, the final episode aired on Friday. The show went from amazing to convoluted, breathtaking to heartbreaking, exhilarating to impassioned. Premiering in 2009, when people still wore headbands and superheroes and vigilantes didn’t dominate the CW. Twilight was just becoming something of a frenzy and True Blood dominated late night HBO programming. Did the world need another vampire driven weekly episodic?

The Vampire Diaries, based off of L.J. Smiths novels, was always better than it needed to be. Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson took the show to a whole new level each and every season, it was rich and tragic and was filled with characters you either loved or loved to hate. Falling in love with the show was easy, falling in love with the cast was even easier.


It takes a lot for a show to stand the test of time and we won’t know if The Vampire Diaries will forever live on the way some shows have. But if I had to place a bet on it, I say it would. The reality of the show was pushed into hyper-speed and the characters always left you feeling something when an episode was done. Their struggles, heartbreak, falling in love, loss became something that you could talk about afterwards. It left you feeling  something. The Vampire Diaries was about sacrifice and redemption above all else. Friday, the world said goodbye – today, I did.

It was a beautiful finale that was full of every single cast member getting their epic farewell. It was full of hellos and goodbyes, familiar faces and the twist we loved from season 3 was given a whole new meaning.

So, here goes my goodbye:

Dear Diary,

You hit me with an arrow directly to my heart, once again. I thought the last time I would cry for this show was in episode 22 of season 6 where Damon and Elena say goodbye. I thought I would smile my way through it and pretend like it would be okay. But, I was wrong, I couldn’t.

It has been 8 years that I have spent inside Mystic Falls. 8 years filled with mystery, suspense, murder, vampires, werewolves, witches, Gemini twins, heretics, rippers, sirens, originals, killers, love, loss, and Matt surviving it all as a human. I got washed away in the emotions, in the characters. I first fell in love with Elena because she, like me, had suffered a loss that had left an unexplainable pain. She was willing to sacrifice everything for her family and her friends. Her bond with Bonnie and Caroline was inspiring because there were few friendships like theirs on TV that didn’t fall victim to losing contact or being pulled apart based on a shared love interest. I fell in love with the bad boy because no one, and I mean no one, can resist the likes of Ian Somerhalder playing Damon.

But with its highs, there were also lows. Lows that were bad enough that it took me a while to get back into the show once it was put on Netflix (this shows how fast I powered through it once my love returned). You can’t ignore how after season 2 the focus shifted from mythology to romance and the ‘ship’ war went to all kinds of levels over who Elena should be with. It only got worse in season 3 with Klaus and Caroline. The downfall of Elena in season 4 when she started dating Damon, losing everything you loved about her. Bonnie, deserved so much better, even at the end of the series I feel this way. Bonnie was the one to fix everything, she was reduced (so many times) to a plot device that was only destined to give and have her epic romances fall apart.

giphy (14).gifThe show brought together another great friendship. One that was brought up from nothing and blossomed into something I wish I had. Bonnie and Damon. Their friendship was nothing short of epic and will go down as one of the most impactful storylines. They have done a lot together: finding Bonnie’s mother, losing both Jeremy and Elena (multiple times), saved each other, lived in a prison world, sacrificed their lives for one another. Their reunion(s) have never been short of epic.

The most impressive thing I saw when I watched the finale was how they were able to honour every love story that the show had ever told. There was closure for each and every character. Each farewell was it’s own brilliance and you didn’t leave me feeling like one was better than another. The show ended with peace, love and family.

8 seasons is a long time and I am sad to see it go. I am glad that it lasted as long as it did and I am glad that the characters will forever live in my mind and heart. I somberly, amid a few tears at the ending, bid thee farewell. I will return to you one day but for now, this is where we must part. Thank you for laughs, gasps, tears and most of all a feeling of genuine epicness.

Love forever.

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