I Still Believe in You


Love, you are allowed to believe in yourself. Yes, I mean this, strongly.

Look back on your life. Were there times when the world, your friends, your family, yourself let you down so badly that you just stopped believing? Were there times when harsh words were said and you were labelled something that you weren’t? Is there something that still haunts you today even if you don’t acknowledge it daily? Did you ever think those whispers that surrounded you could have been right?

Growing up is hard. A statement that we all know as teens and as adults. A statement that has numerous meanings and haunts a lot of people, a lot of people can’t move past the hardships to find themselves at the other side of the tunnel. There are going to be people who you will come into contact with that will spit words at you and will want you to fail. There will be people who will want you to believe every word that they say to you and want you to turn your back on the people who have had your back. There will be people who will tell you that you are not worth someones time, they will label you and they will whisper. But I am here to tell you just the opposite. You are allowed to believe in yourself, and love, that is what you should do.

You are allowed to look at all those people who doubted you and throw every beautiful thing you have turned into right in their faces. You are allowed to turn your back on the people who have left your life over rumours or labels that were never true. You are allowed to walk away from all of the bitterness and disloyalty that has brought you down because deep down you know that you are a beautiful soul.

Say yes to your dreams. Say yes to your aspirations. Say yes to new adventures. Say yes. Turn yourself into the person that your younger self would be proud of. Go, look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself that today will be the day that you are going to do it. That you will try something new, that you will chase your dreams, that you will help change someone’s life.

You are allowed to believe in yourself. You are allowed to take the time to heal your own soul from all of the hurt that you have had to face this far, no matter how long it might take. You are allowed to laugh and have your belly hurt. Allow your own laughter to release your inner demons, set them free. You are allowed to breathe deeply and let all of your hurt disappear.

You are allowed to take the steps that you need, one foot in front of the other, towards everything that you want in this life. You are allowed to give yourself progress reports because nothing worth having comes easily. It may take days, weeks, months or years to happen but when it does it will be something to celebrate.

You are allowed to stick it to the man. You are allowed to shut down all of the negative thoughts that are pushed your way. You are allowed to never apologize for your feelings, your thoughts because everyone is entitled to one. You are allowed to compete with others and show them how much you can contribute.

You are allowed to shine brighter than everyone else.

You are allowed to boost your own ego. You are allowed to think that you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. You are allowed to throw your positivity at people and make them bask in your sunshine. You are allowed to be more than anyone has ever given you credit for. You are allowed to believe in yourself.

You are more than a label. You are more than a category.

You are a masterpiece and don’t you ever settle for anything less than greatness. You are allowed to believe in yourself.

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