I Choose You

11df62ee9212f94fe378fe1b696ca100Hello Love,

I’d choose you; over and over again.

We have been doing this for a long time now and in this lifetime we have many moments in our lives and I choose to witness all of those moments with you. It is your heart that I was meant to stumble upon, it was meant for me, just like mine is yours.

Time allows us to forget the moments that we spend together. It moves by quickly and we are shown the mundane reality of what is passing by. As these moments move past, they have given me inspiration and so have you, that there is something bigger out there for me; I was meant to move mountains. I was meant to have a love that has stood the test of time. I was meant to have you.

Love always comes at unexpected times but true love comes right on time. We search for it and it breaks us down. We sit there crying over the choices that we made and the choices that hurt us. We never really know where we are going or where we will end, but yet we still cling to a beginning that has not yet manifested. We forget, along the way, to breathe and to live. I choose you because you simultaneously do this to me. You have shown me how to breathe in the good and breathe out the bad. You remind me that it is okay to have a childlike soul, to live without reservations.

Still, there are times, that loving you feels like a choice that I was made to make. Almost as if my heart knew and it was waiting for my mind to catch up. It is easier, in the world we live in, to focus on the moments that break your heart. The pain is something we begin to expect when relationships start. This was never the case with you. Not choosing you was never an option.

And so, I’m sitting here writing this ode to you. Trying to find the right sequence of words and syllables to form the reality that is you. We are both stubborn and that causes struggle but within that struggle brings growth. We are two players, standing side-by-side, playing on the same team now. I will always choose you to stand next to me as we take on the big boss at the end.

I don’t need to know everything in life to know that it is you that I love. Our story doesn’t need to be perfect or the way they play out in the movies. Our story is real and it will make all the others jealous. The space that exists between your lips and mine is intoxicating. Everyone else should have that feeling with someone, where you can’t get enough of their lips on yours. Of their hands around your waist pulling you closer every minute.

And so, I choose you, because you have shown me what love is and how to love freely.

We accept the love we think we deserve. We run from the challenges. We fail to believe in magic.

Yet, when you say my name it is magic to me. You speak to me without words and I can feel you across time and space. Words escape us when it comes to love and I am okay with that.

I choose you for everything that you are and everything that you will become. You continue to amaze me with your generosity, your strength, your courage. You continue to inspire me with your drive, your humility, your honesty. You continue to push me. I choose you.

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