First Kiss

b7f5f8f8060dcb08a7062c3798b90d8dDo you remember your first kiss? Was it awkward or was it the meeting of two souls? Was it romantic or was it a mess? Was it what you thought it would be or was it not what you expected at all?

No matter what your first kiss looked like or how long it lasted. Whether it was sloppy or exactly what you thought it would be, our first kisses are important. A first kiss can teach you so much, not only that you are young and naive, but it teaches you what not to do the next time. Our first kiss is our first literal sense of the romance we see in the movies, this is what makes the first one so memorable. Every kiss from that moment on holds its own meaning and memory. It only gets better from there.


To my first ever first kiss, that doesn’t really count because we were not even a year old. Our heads wobbly with our parents holding us together. That picture still lives in my baby book. Thank you for my first ever experience of sloppy kisses.

Our lips finally touch after sitting there in the dark under the glow of the stars that are stuck to your roof. In that instant it felt like time sped up and the heat in the room got hotter. We were 13. You were my first real boyfriend. It wasn’t like it was in the movies or when Rachel and Ross first kiss but it was my first, your first. I remember looking up at you afterwards and you had the biggest smile on your face that I returned tenfold. It was innocent and my first taste. I remember you pulling me in for more and I, honestly couldn’t get enough.

There is no denying that the first kiss we have, no matter how old we are, is one that lasts just like our first experience of love. Now, we only have one first kiss but we have many others that follow it. Our first kiss with the one that got away. Our first kiss with the one we will spend our life with. Our first kiss with the one you had been waiting a long time to kiss.

Now my first kiss wasn’t destined to be my last and the ones that came after are a chaotic mess of teenage hormones and drinking. There are some I don’t remember and others I easily want to forget. But with each one I learned a lesson, got a little better and increased my expectations. Television and movies paint out perfect pictures of what your kisses should be, quite frankly, those types of kisses are far and few between.

I was 14 and living the rebellious life. You were older and considered the bad boy in town. I don’t remember how it happened or what was going on in the moment. I vividly remember that it was a crazy mess of nervousness. One: I knew you were all kinds of trouble waiting to happen; two: you were the second boy I had ever kissed and I didn’t want to screw it up. But I didn’t and neither did you.

Later, the sweet boy. The one you bring home to your parents. I had known this boy my entire life. He was a boy mom approved of and the one boy I screwed things up badly with. He was older and I thought the world of him. Now, you weren’t my first kiss but I was yours. There was that spark that they tell you about. The one where your lips feel it.

We are granted perfect moments in our lives, they are handed to us with a lot of work and sometimes they are completely unexpected. They are the moments that aren’t rushed and allow your expectations of what comes next to be that much higher. When those expectations are met you will realize that you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Kissing is intimate. Feeling the lips of someone else’s on yours, seeing if their grooves fit with yours and their movements tune into yours – it’s not only a way to get to know them but a way to know if there is the intimate connection. You get lost in their lips and everything becomes heightened.

Awhile later, and many kisses in-between, I found you. The one I lost contact with for some time, time is funny that way. The kisses that are unexpected are the ones that bring the perfect moment. You wonder what it would be like to kiss someone and suddenly, the moment comes and it is everything you thought it would be. You are left smiling for hours afterwards. Smiling so hard that your cheeks hurt. It is moments and kisses like that that make all the bad ones go away.

source (1).gifAnd then, you have your first kiss that becomes your last. The one that makes you breathe a little heavier and leaves you light-headed. Where your movements completely match theirs. It made me realize that all the rest didn’t matter at all. Your last first kiss is the one that makes you understand that love is a real thing. It transports you back to your very first and leaves you feeling giddy again. It is another perfect moment that will go down in your own history books.

If you two people like each other, kiss. It is okay if it isn’t good, it’s okay if it is bad. It will guide you in the right direction. You owe something to someone when you lock eyes and the rest of the world fades away. Don’t be afraid to get lost in someones lips, you never know what you might find when you are there.

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