Holy Shit-Shingles!

Ryan Reynolds, where can I even start? This man, is not only one of the most hilarious actors out there but he is Canadian and his hilarity is reflected in his day-to-day life. He has been in numerous flicks that are both well-known and some controversial including: Van Wilder, Just Friends, The Captive, The Proposal, Green Lantern (we all wish this was something we could forget), and fucking Deadpool.

giphy (8).gifDeadpool is arguably the most faithful Marvel comic book adaptation, to date. The flick itself is praise-worthy, and I am still holding a grudge that it has not received any glory from award shows (other than MTV and Teen Choice). It is filled with brutally direct hilarity from not only Reynolds but the entire cast, the directors are beyond passionate about the movie, over the top violence and not to mention a dead-perfect script.

Ps. if you haven’t watched the teaser yet, scroll down and watch!

And now, Mr. Reynolds has blessed us with the best thing: Deadpool 2 teaser! The best way to sell us on this movie, is clearly just Ryan Reynolds putting his bare ass on the window of a run down phone booth and murder. But, let’s be honest here, this movie sells itself. I love the subtle jab at Superman; who the fuck could even change that fast outside of phone booth? This is all happening while the fucking Superman theme song is playing in the background, how much more in-your-face can you get? Not much.

Another tidbit, if you didn’t pay close enough attention… we may have gotten a glimpse at a new character coming to the movie! In the background, written in graffiti is, “Nathan Summers cumming soon,” which means… CABLE!

giphy (10).gif

Still, though, no release date yet. But, any release date that isn’t tomorrow is not soon enough for me. Until, we get more… I will be, not so patiently waiting.

This is the best thing to come out of today. Since, here in Canada it is snowing like a mother-fucker – just when we thought Spring would come… yeah, fuck you to Mother Nature, we are on to your games.

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