Ed Sheeran,÷ Dropped – Time Stopped

÷ dropped today. Honestly, I forgot until I clicked onto iTunes. But now, now that I have the entire album playing in the background on repeat, so should you. Why? Because Ed Sheeran is back. This album is everything you missed about him when he released Shape of You. Lyrically, melodically it is just beautiful.

Ed Sheeran has brought us some of  the most lyrically driven music in a long time. He can be put alongside the best of them and better yet he has a plan for his music well into 2030 (according to a GQ interview). ÷ will be the 3rd album in a 5 album series and then the next series of albums will follow. Can this day get any better? Probably, but for this music lover, not much can top new albums coming out.

I am thankful that music is his creative outlet. I am thankful that he has become something this generation needs in music. I am thankful that he has skyrocketed into fame and is still humble, remaining in his hoodies and skater shoes. It is not about theatrics, it is all about the music. Pushing limits and striving to make a difference. Already, this album is making headlines and trending on a number of music streaming pages.

These are my highlights:

Perfect is going to be an instant classic. Written for his current girlfriend and the one ballad that girls, young and old, will swoon over. It displays his greatest weapon, that voice. “We were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was. I will not give you up this time. Darling, just kiss me slow.”

Supermarket Flowers is another ballad but not about love. It is dedicated to his grandmother whom he went to see daily while she was in the hospital. She passed away while he was in the studio finishing his album and he added this song for her memory. It was the one thing he knew how to do, the way to express his emotions. It is a beautiful song.

Save Myself will be my go to on a bad day. You have to remember to love yourself, to save yourself. You have to put you first, you have to be number one in your own life sometimes. This song just captures you within its lyrics and grabs a hold of you. “Life can get you down so I just numb the way it feels […] farewell, but before I save someone else, I have to save myself.” Like come on!

Galway Girl is new sound mixed with old vocals. It may not be your first choice of song to listen to but I like it. It is different and you have to be different to push the bar in music.

Now, the entire album is incredible. I , for one, can’t stop listening to it. Ed Sheeran, you have done it again. Thank you.

If you want to check out the GQ article, link is below:


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