High Hopes

Songs today have lost the power to move you the way they used to. There aren’t ballads on love that make you wonder who they were written about and how special they were. They don’t move you in a way that songs of the past do. Until you find that hidden gem. The one band that changes things for you, the one band that you have stuck on repeat for hours – for days. That band for me right now, for the past little while, has been Kodaline.


There is magic hidden inside music. It is kind of funny finding a band, a few people you have never met but somehow they, along with their song writers, can put exactly what you are feeling out there for the world. They build up an instant connection with the way their instruments blend together, the melody starts and the lyrics start to express what you have been struggling to express. These people, the ones you have never met, have found a way to connect with you like no one else.

I was first introduced to Kodaline by accident. Clicking through random songs that I had heard on a television show. This lovely band popped up on the what you may like tab and so I clicked. The first song I ever heard by them was, All I Want.

But If you loved me
Why’d you leave me?
Take my body
Take my body
All I want is
And all I need is
To find somebody
I’ll find somebody like you

The voices of these men and so soothing that after I first listened to it, I listened again. I closed my eyes and let them take me away. The intimacy that is pulled out of this song, out of all of their songs is incredible. The connection is instant. This song came to me in the most unexpected way and when it did, I couldn’t let it go. I could listen to it on repeat and get something new out of it each time. It can be about a failed friendship, relationship, family bond. I see them all in my head when I listen to the lyrics. I see them perfectly.

I needed more Kodaline in my life. So I went to their page and quickly realized that I had heard them before on a show I recently started watching at the time, Reign. While the scene in the show gave me one version of Love Like This, it is definitely not my representation of the song itself.

Running through the heat heart beat
You shine like silver in the sunlight
You light up my whole heart
It feels like in the sun, the sun
We’re running around and around
Like nothing else could matter in our life
But wait, but wait, but wait
The sun will stop shining soon
And you’ll be gone from my life
Yeah, you’ll be gone, it’s as simple as a change of heart
But I’m not gonna think about the future

It is a sense of reckless abandon. A time of vulnerability and giving yourself to one person while knowing there is nothing to gain, only hurt will come. You can’t think about what is to come or the future, just here and now, in the moment with them. You are content with knowing that, while fleeting, this is still real and it is still going to impact your life. The risk is worth it.

Everyone needs hope in their life. Hope that something better will come, someone will make you smile again; hope. The last song that I will talk about did just that. High Hopes gave me that. Hope that something better will come afterwards. It gave me an inkling that in this life, you have to find your way back to you, no matter how many times you push yourself down or others let you down or leave. You have to have that hope in something better. The world doesn’t stop just because something bad has happened, the world keeps going and so should you.

Believe I’ve got high hopes
It takes me back to when we started
High hopes, when you let it go, go out and start again
High hopes, oh, when it all comes to an end
And the world keeps spinning
Yeah, the world keeps spinning around

If you enjoyed these 3 songs, check out their others. You won’t be disappointed. Kodaline is so underrated but it makes finding them that much better. They are a true hidden gem.

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