3 Fictional Characters – TV/Movie Edition

Not too long ago a trend was going around the Internet. What 3 fictional character represent you. I found myself thinking about it and never posted anything about it. This edition will be based on TV and Movies.

When I think about myself, I am motivated by a lot of things. My moods are impacted by things like books, movies, music, television, people. I am introverted by nature, preferring to spend my time alone or with a close group of people. I once took a personality test during a Personality Psychology course in university and came out finding that I am anĀ INFJ – a walking contradiction if there ever was one. My professor told me it was one of the rare ones. So, here are my 3 fictional characters that are a decent representation of me.

Peyton Sawyer. Like Peyton, music is my biggest escape and one of my greatest love affairs. Within lyrics I find myself, I find the people I surround myself with and moments I have either forgotten or haven’t thought about in a long time. A single song can instantly impact my mood and how my day will turn out. My days will seem incomplete without listening to at least one song. I build up playlists for people, adventures, books, everything. I have a song for almost every moment in my life. Unlike Peyton, I am creative with words where she enjoys drawing or painting. But with this, I too, wish to describe something that gives you the same feelings as a fleeting moment, love, the sunset. I want to write something that matters.

Peyton is hopeless in love. She found herself confused and always wanting more when in all actuality the only one she ever wanted was Lucas. She always found ways to ruin or push away the ones she would be with. She had a one track mind when it came to love. I am the same. I am a hopeless romantic and want to find all the ways to show you that I care, that you mean something to me. I will love you until it hurts. I will love you with all my heart and you will know that I do. If you are important to me, I won’t stop.

Fighter. Peyton is a fighter. She fights for herself, for what she believes in, for what she wants. She fights for her friends, for love, for family. She is strong-minded and stubborn. Loyal down to her core. I like to think of myself the same way. I would do anything for the people close to me.

Peyton is so complex and so much more than this. She may have not been your favourite character on the show but she left a lasting impression. She left the show with happiness, with love, and with a completed story. I only hope that I am like that too when the time comes.

What little girl doesn’t grow up with a Disney Princess to look up to? For me, it was always Belle (if you didn’t already know this). From the animated version to the now live-action role, Belle is someone I always idolized. She was someone who was fearlessly striving for more. She didn’t care what the town was saying about her, she didn’t care to push the limits and to be uniquely herself. I, too, am like this.

Belle loves books. She craves the stories and builds up her imagination just the same. She dreams and pushes doors open to find more stories to live in. This, in turn, builds up her intelligence. She sings and dances. She gets to have a magical life. And now, she is the inventor. She is wacky and brilliant. She is everything I picture Belle to be. She is everything I picture me as.

She loves endlessly. She fights. She saves the Prince, not the other way around. She broke all the rules. She got her fairytale in the best possible way without sacrificing who she was and what she believed in. I want to do the same thing, get my happy ending without sacrificing who I am and what I believe in. This life is too short for not being the you that you want to be. Because of Belle, because of how Emma Watson is portraying her, this is an actuality and not just something I built up myself.

Lastly, Rory Gilmore, up untilĀ A Year in the Life because quite frankly… what happened? but then again… she is an embodiment of what living as a millenial is. Out of university, without a job, trying to find yourself. (which gives me another idea for a post, until next time!)

Early on in the series I saw myself as Rory because I am not much younger than her. I loved school unlike most people. I reveled in learning and thoroughly enjoyed being taught something new, it is one of the biggest things I miss about university. It is also why I spend countless hours reading, watching documentaries and TedTalks and just exploring different things. I excelled and books because another great love affair. I can’t get enough of living inside them, of their smell. I will never give up on a physical copy of a book, never.

I also am passionate about movies, television, pop culture; like the Gilmore Girls, I take it too seriously, it is a lifestyle. I get emotionally attached to characters and plot lines. It hurts me deeply when one of my favourite shows is coming into its final season (Orphan Black, how can you leave me?) and it pains me when I am left waiting months for a cliff hanger to be resolved. I can talk endlessly about shows and will tell you when you need to watch something because it is that damn good.

Like Rory, love and romance always seem to find me unexpectantly. Even if it comes from my first true love, literature. I enjoy it, wholeheartedly. I could sit and read away my days, my nights. I could ignore the entire world around me only to kick myself in the ass when I finish a good book too soon. I get a thrill, a high from introducing people to books that changed my life.

My family and friends are my biggest supporters. They will always have my back. They are the ones who know how to push me when I am pushing myself down. But most of all, I am me. I am true to myself, just like Rory. Even when she, at 30, has still not found her way. Still making big mistakes and finally realizing that she wants to write something meaningful. Sounds… familiar.


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