Do You Have Pickles? I Love Pickles

“Hello, Doctor SmartyPants,” Negan proclaims with the most sociopathic grin on his face. While Eugene is sitting there shaking in his khaki shorts and hiking boots, sweat dripping down his face.

Now, hate me if you must, but I love Negan. He embodies everything that I think would survive in the world they live in. A tyrant, a leader that everyone fears, one who knows what he wants and takes it. As the antagonist, he is IT. The foul-mouthed, perverse sense of humour with a¬†touch of shock value. Jeffrey Dean Morgan does a fantastic job bringing the Negan we deserve to the screen, I can’t thank him enough for the charismatic charm (plus he sure is nice to look at).

This one scene brings out a Eugene we have not seen. Maybe because, as an audience, we have never cared about Eugene as much as we should or we still underestimate him. Eugene is not some stereotype redneck, mullet haircut man. He is so much more than what he chooses to look like physically. As an audience we take things for what they are, we forget that there could be so much more underneath. Who really is Eugene? Comic book readers know. If you pay close attention in the scene, when Negan says, “you don’t have to be scared anymore,” the shift in Eugene is apparent. He gobbles it up and takes it for what it is. Eugene is going to play the Saviors like he plays that¬†Atari. He is going to come up with some sort of plan and it will blow us all away.

So, all you people out there are saying that this was just another episode focusing on a character we don’t even care about… take it back. Rewatch the episode. You will notice a lot more that took place, you will see that this is also a coming together of people. The final scene where Eugene is with Dwight, what could possibly be going on there? So, so much people! Get your heads out of your asses, Eugene is important.

“I am indeed a smartypants!”

The other component to this episode is the story of Dwight and Sherry. The slow character arc that the show is building with Dwight, is just that, slow. He seems like he is going to have a big part with Eugene’s stay with the Saviors. But for now, as an audience, we don’t have the same connection that we have with the rest of the cast. It seems, for now, ancillary to the story.

I loved the voiceover of Sherry. I loved that Dwight remembered the pretzels and beer. I loved that Dwight hides the rings (his precious) within his cigarette pack. I loved the emotional build up to him returning. I loved him turning his back on the Doctor.

Dwight and Eugene are going to be big here soon. Just you wait, I am calling it. I haven’t read into the comics this far yet, so I am clueless. But just you wait, big things are going to happen with these characters and you will all kick yourselves in the ass for calling this episode filler.

Until next week!

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