TGIT, Thank God It’s (was) Thursday

Let’s sit down and have a little chat world because Shonda Rimes is a brilliant fucking mastermind that just keeps the twists and turns coming. If you have never watched her shows… what rock are you living under and can I join? I have never before been so emotionally ruined by television (up until This Is Us) before. AND she keeps on doing it and has you questioning every SINGLE move EVERY character makes.

Okay, let’s start with Grey’s Anatomy because this episode didn’t leave me questioning my own life choices.”Back Where You Belong” dealt with the feelings that surround what a home is and whether you feel safe within it. This episode was supposed to hit you emotionally, or so the critics said, but for me it didn’t. It felt disconnected and almost as if there were three different episodes in one trying to bring together one theme. I didn’t feel connected to Jo when she found out that her patient’s father had beat up his wife and that is why she didn’t want him anywhere near her. Yes, I get that she has been through an emotional roller-coaster when it comes to her past, her own estranged husband being physically abusive, and then everything with Alex – but there has to be a point where she is no longer that girl. She needs to move on, that story is just getting played up too much and it leaves me wanting more of everyone else and less of her. The only powerful part of this story was what she said to the patient’s father before he went under, he is not the hero here. I’m sorry, hate me.

The second patient of the night brought mental health into the thick of Grey Sloane Memorial. Being a student of psychology, I still felt that this portion was lackluster. There was so much potential here, to bring an understanding to what was going on and not just going back to the pacemaker. There was no real connection formed with the audience, at least not for me. The, what should have been, heartwarming reunion felt like it was forced into the episode just to give Riggs an emotional impact to somehow hit Meredith when Maggie tells her about it.

To close off the episode, Miranda finally comes to make amends for the suspension given to Meredith. I love the way Mer is handling herself when it comes to Minnick. Richard is her father figure and the one person that most of the attending’s have grown their career from his teachings. But despite it all, Miranda feels hurt (maybe) and goes to compain to Weber that it is his fault and it’s his turn to do something about it. Low and behold, he does. Bringing up Ellis Grey, saying that she wouldn’t put the hospital in jeopardy for him. And… ta da, Mer will be back next week for the finale.

Excuse me here, I am not composed enough to not make all of my feelings known. I am also not composed enough to keep the language PG. I was so angry and felt played over How To Get Away With Murder, so here we go.

FINALLY, after a season of waiting to find out who killed Wes. After countless scenarios playing out. YOU DO THIS AND THROW EVERYTHING UNDER THE FUCKING CARPET AND IT’S NOT WHO WE THOUGHT AND IT… sit down. Breathe. It is just a TV show.

The first half of the 2-hour season finale brings us troubled Connor trying to overcome his feelings of doubt. Seriously, you did a thing, you were getting away with it, shit happened, everyone else shut the fuck up, you sir… need to just sit back down and shut up. But then he tells Oliver that he saw Wes… YOU WHAT? You son-of-a-bitch, Wes deserved so much more than you letting oxygen into the basement in the first place – you sir, kick-started the fire. But hey… he did try to give him CPR, so that’s something. When he does end up coming out (for lack of a better wording) to the group, well Laurel goes all shades of grey on his ass… I loved it. Yes, she may not have been dating Wes all that long before he died, but she was the closest to him throughout all of the 4 seasons. Props to her for letting the rage out of the cage.

Nate, who I thought had crossed sides, is back in line and loyal to Annalise. Atwood confessed to forging his signature to move the body. Some other shit happened with them and yawn.

At least Asher, who is slowly growing on me, is in the right frame of mind to just want to call the damn number. And does so when Connor is about to get his own immunity deal from Denver. SHOCKER – it was Denver’s number all along, he was in on moving Wes’ body too. This is where things start to get fired up. Denver takes Connor to a remote location, handcuffs him to a table and wants answers.

Annalise finally does something… genuine in her movements and goes to talk to the Mahoney’s. Turns out Wes’ is not Papa Mahoney’s son but his grandson. That she knows that Annalise is to blame for framing Charles’ for the murder of her husband. And get this… Annalise is believing her every word or just believing she got had. Do I? If I know Shonda Rimes, there is going to be more to this story next season.

Cue eerie music, for everything that has happened and for every way in which Annalise sacrificed her life and the lives of all them, she allows Wes to be sacrificed. In the sense that she is allowing the murders of Sam and Rebecca to fall to his blame. Laurel hates the idea, and so do I – and probably a lot of you, but she has tricks up her sleeve too. She’s loaded and she’s no longer afraid to use it. And use it on Charles, because he is the one who killed Wes – right?

Nope, not even close Laurel and the rest of the world. Was it Denver? Nope, another nice guess. Did Connor have something to do with it? Did Annalise and Bonnie with the help of Frank? Wrong and EVEN wronger.


Laurel is met by someone she used to know. Someone her father hired. That same someone, is THE someone who killed Wes! Okay, hold on a second, really? DOES HE NOT CARE ABOUT HIS DAUGHTERS HAPPINESS? DOES HE NOT HAVE A HEART? WES DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER! Did I just die along with Wes? Seriously, did you just make that up and it is all a joke. Wes is still alive and well… Shonda Rimes, why must you play with my emotions. And now I have to wait until next Fall and that is the hardest part. I JUST NEED MORE.

Wes deserved better.

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