Tuesday/Wednesday TV Recap

If you don’t know, I want A LOT of television series, whether it is on cable or it is through Netflix. I have spent much of my days watching TV, if I didn’t workout I feel there would be a permanent indent of my ass on the couch. It is THAT bad.

Tuesday brings The Flash, The Fosters, New Girl, The Mick and This Is Us. Wednesday gives me Arrow, The 100, Suits, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Lethal Weapon. So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty that is television in my house! Let me just push my glasses a little further up my nose and take a sip of water.


Of all the characters that Barry and the gang have to face again, they picked Grodd. Grodd may be the most visually stunning CGI but this episode left me feeling like it was more filler than anything. And that pains me to admit because my love for this show has only grown over the seasons. “Attack on Gorilla City” is just that. It brings the entire gang to a new city on the hunt for Harry Wells of Earth 2. Well this was great, there are two pieces of this episode that had the greatest impact. Jesse and Wally’s relationship falters when she believes that Wally has lost interest since he is now Kid Flash. And Julian, Tom Felton – THANK YOU for being a part of this show! Julian has gone out of his way to prove himself as trustworthy to the group but donning the garb of Harry just to protect Kaitlin from herself… he has won me over.

“Doors and Windows” was by far the episode of The Fosters that you really get a break down of what is going on with all of the Adams-Foster kids. Each one is battling something and each one sees their issue has the greatest. From Brandon losing his dream of Julliard, Mariana’s diagnosis of PTSD, Callie wanting to fight the justice system (once again) but having to take the plea because well… it is Callie, Jude finally getting Noah back (no drugs this time Kid, stop growing up). But it is Jesus that has to the worst, seeing his struggle on-screen is heart wrenching. I do hope he bounces back.

New Girl and The Mick are still patiently waiting for me.

Memphis, has its own post. Read it, please. And if you aren’t watching This Is Us, what is wrong with you? This is the best show on TV right now. HANDS DOWN!

A familiar face or three are back to cause mayhem for Oliver Queen and band of vigilantes. Susan’s suspicions that Oliver is The Arrow gets pushed to a whole new level and leaves you wondering if this bitch is just here to get a news story or if she actually has true feelings. However, Thea has a plan that involves Felicity doing somarrowe hacking to get her out-of-the-way… but that just pisses Oliver the fuck off and we know where this leads. Is he going to go after her or just settle. Is he going to look out for Thea more, she doesn’t seem like she is holding herself together well. We also get the nod that Dinah is slowly coming to the terms that she will be following in Laurel’s footsteps, that she has big shoes to fill. At least Capt. Lance is okay with her taking over, which in my humble opinion was the best part of this episode.

Would you have thought Clarke to ever agree with kooky, old Jaha? Well… she did and here we are, all we can do is go along for the ride. Most of this episode was spent travelling to get the Nightblood serum to ALIE’s island – for Skaikru and Grounders alike (progress, right) – to save them from the radiation that is coming quickly. Some shit goes down, Nykko gets killed protecting Luna and Raven, TA DA is the hero of the episode… again. Raven seems to be the only character that, despite everything, somehow comes out on top. I’ll admit when she was introduced I wasn’t too fond of her but now… well she’s pretty bad ass. I’ll be the first admit that I would be the first person to float Jasper for who he is turning out to be but seeing Clarke take the shock baton to him, well… I’m not going to say I enjoyed it, but… Not only is Clarke becoming sympathetic to Jaha, she is turning into her mother – not letting the truth come out from Jasper and Monty about her list, locking them up is very reminiscent of Abby floating her own husband. Where progressed was gained, it was lost, total war is on again between Skaikru and the Grounders (this is getting tiring). With everything that happened in Polis, the only thing that stuck is what happened to Octavia. Bested in a sword fight… fierce Octavia? Shock face! Until next week…

Oh, Riggs. My love for you grows every episode. You are the perfect combination of chaos and chill, of ruthlessness and compassion, of hilarity and self-pity. Clayne Crawford does him the best justice, ever, without Clayne there is no Riggs. This episode was the third to last and I am so fucking thankful that it got a second season! “Unnecessary Roughness” was the one of the best episodes yet with the struggles faced from both Riggs on a personal level and Murtaugh’s nostalgia. Now, Riggs is getting down and dirty with Palmer (brought to you by your very own Hilarie Burton)… again. At this point, good for him. Even though the struggle that he faces with mourning Miranda and moving on is still very apparent, his baby steps are what is important. However, this girl wants Riggs to be with Cahill, that chemistry is on point. Murtaugh is still upset with Riggs and seems to want a new partner (yet again). But you can’t have one without the other, Murtaugh is the chips to Riggs salsa, one without the other is simply not the same. AND WHAT IS THIS? Scorsese broke out of the morgue, is this real life?

suitsWhat is a Wednesday night without Suits? Well, it is not a proper night. “Quid Pro Quo” brings us important questions, not only to the plot of the episode and story of this season, but life in general. How far are you willing to go to make your dreams come true? How high of a risk are you willing to take? When is it too much? We get to see Mike give up on his dream of becoming a real lawyer because the risk gets too high. The fight, however, is not over. Harvey and Rachel are unwilling to let that dream fizzle and fade, they don’t want him looking back on his life and wondering what if? You see Donna and Ben fight to get the Donna up and running. You also see a first, someone not being won over by the brilliance that is Donna, you see her falter for one of the first times and it kicks you in the stomach. It IS Donna, she is the best. Just as you think Louis has found his person, the one who likes him despite all of his quirks, the one thing you didn’t see happen was Tara walking out on him for telling her the truth. Carly Pope, you get to be on two shows and you make me dislike you in both – how could you!? Next week brings the season finale… WAIT… HOLD ON A SECOND… already? I feel like it just came back into my life, le sigh.

Until next time folks, it’s been nice discussing. I appreciates that you sit and listen to me ramble on about my shows. Bravo to you if you got this far!

Slow clap to you kind sir and ma’am.

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