If Multiverses Are Real, Maybe We’re Together There

4cca3c808e86e760a754a5e6911468caMaybe in another universe love is different than what it is here. Maybe in another universe there is a place where you and I are together. Maybe in another universe you and I never met. Maybe in another universe you and I are not together. It’s a constant thought that runs through my mind, maybe because I watch a lot of sci-fi television and movies or maybe because I secretly Google the shit out of a million different conspiracy theories.

So, what if in another universe, in a multiverse where you and I are almost the same people we are here on our Earth, where are we? Are we together or are we apart? Is there a little me running around in the backyard? Is her imagination, love for books and television and movies the same as mine? Do we even know each other?

Hear me out. It has been theorized within science, theology, mythology, philosophy, within fiction, that the world could be comprised of different universes that exist simultaneously together. Where these universes parallel each other and are reflections of either things we have done or haven’t done, paths they took that we didn’t and so on. Where every choice made is just made on another timeline, like Flashpoint.

So, for all intents and purposes let’s say that multiverses exist.

In one of those universes maybe there is a timeline where I don’t want to have a family. Maybe there’s a timeline where I already have the family of my dreams. Maybe there’s a timeline where I deserve you, where I didn’t push you away. Maybe that is where we are together, where there are infinite smiles and endless dancing in the kitchen. Maybe there’s a universe where we are still friends.

In this universe, the one we are in right now. Living, breathing human beings, where our dreams come and go, where we daydream. Maybe those aren’t just dreams, maybe those are flashes of the other life, the life where you got everything you wanted. Where the person that left your life stayed, where you got that job you were hoping for, where you have a little baby bouncing on your knee. If science, and The Flash has taught me anything, nothing just happens for the sake of happening. It can’t be just a simple thought and clear vision of something that isn’t just because you miss them or want it. Maybe these flashes are the other universe throwing all the ‘what ifs’ in your face. It’s science.

In the other universe, what if the laws of attraction and morality are all different. What if there is a place where love is banished from ever happening and you are forbidden from having those feelings at all, they are taken away from you the moment you come of age. What if there is a place where peace isn’t just a notion but an actuality. Where there is a semblance of no one knowing what it is like to be disliked or not allowed to travel to certain places. What if love is an illusion of what we know it to be here.

Maybe in that universe we don’t feel the way we feel when we lose the one person that was our person, like Cristina Yang was to Meredith Gray. Maybe they never left at all, maybe you still talk to them every day. Maybe you get to see them without it having to be kept a secret. Maybe you get to be with them and have those feelings.

Or maybe you don’t.

Maybe you never knew them to begin with and what you feel now, in this universe, never existed. Maybe when you turn 16 you get a shot and you never have to be concerned with love, with empathy, with loss. Maybe…

Maybe in another universe it was you that was walking down the aisle and (s)he was crying waiting for you at the end. Maybe they wanted you for more than something on the side while their other life was rapidly moving forward. Maybe you weren’t left behind.

Maybe there’s a universe where I am the right person for you. Where we can laugh for hours and your jokes aren’t taken so seriously. Where my eyes don’t get tired while watching movies that I end up re-watching alone because I forget what happens. Where there are hours playing games.

Maybe there’s a universe where you are the right person for me. Where you like to watch me fall asleep at night because you think it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Where you read with me. Where we can cuddle all night long with my head buried in between your shoulder and neck. Where we want each other a little more every day.

Maybe there’s a universe where I travel the world. Finding a piece of myself with each country I have conquered. Where I have seen the pyramids and the Eiffel Tower. Where I lost my heart in Ireland to the rolling hills. Where I spent a year in Greece and my sun-kissed skin brought out the freckles across my nose.

If you think of life in a sense of multiverses, maybe there really is no place you haven’t gone. Maybe there is really no one to blame for falling outs or not meeting them sooner in life. The universe we are in is just the wrong one, we ended up trapped here, in our Earth.

So, I guess we all just have to make every moment count, here on this universe. In this universe where I didn’t meet you sooner, where I hold a university degree that collects dust, where I turned into the person who has cats and not dogs (I miss having a dog). Nothing is our fault, it is just what happened on this universe.

Take comfort in knowing that at least, maybe, just maybe there are other universes out there with you and I in them. Take comfort in the fact that this universe made only one you and there is no one like you here. Take comfort in knowing that those daydreams are maybe more than that.

Maybe it can ease your heart too.

Because love, this universe is all we have. Make the best of it.

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