Mistakes, Beautiful Mistakes

In this life we are thrown out into the wild, out into the arms of something that doesn’t tell us where we are supposed to go or even guide us in the right direction. Life punches you in the gut and tells you to get back up unscathed. Life isn’t going to sit back and watch you take your first steps or hear your first words and cheer you on. No, it is going to push you down and laugh, tell you to get back up and try again. It’s what life does to us all, it makes us fall a few steps backwards when we were so far ahead just to see where we will go from there.

Should have, could have, would have… There are so many obstacles that life throws at us to see what we will do with them. From university majors to career opportunities, from people that come into our lives to people that leave. Life is tricky, life is not perfect and neither are we. Life is about actually living and not letting things slip by because you second guess yourself. It is something we all fall victim to, letting people leave or passing on jobs that could have been great or not trying that item on the menu. Daily we make these choices and it could just be that one time you make one that something great could happen in your life.

Life isn’t about just living it on one path, there are too many forks in the road out there to continue going down the straight and narrow. Sometimes you have to stop, look at all the possibilities, and go for it. You have to make mistakes in order to learn, in order to grow up, in order to get over the bumps that came from the roads you already took. These aren’t things that you should hide and they definitely aren’t things you should shy away from. Life is meant to be lived not looked at from a distance. You have to jump in, you never know what you might find.

And that is the pleasure of being able to live in this world that is around us. There are so many opportunities to jump, to make your voice heard, to influence the people around us. Every opinion matters even if it only gets heard by your close circle of friends. It only takes one chance, one opportunity, to make something great happen. Make those mistakes, even if it is just trying a terrible item on the menu or changing your major halfway through university. You, darling, have to be picky. This life is not going to hand you everything you want, whenever you want it. Sometimes you have to go out there and grab life by the balls and just do what makes you happy. You are number one in this life you are leading, so go on, make beautiful mistakes. Make art out of them and laugh at it, laugh at yourself. Show the world who you are in this life, don’t fall behind because you are scared. I have been there, I am still there. It doesn’t make things easy and it definitely doesn’t push you. You have to do the pushing. Darling, go make mistakes, find yourself in this crazy world, leave your mark.



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