Random Acts

Mark Twain once wrote: “kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see,” it is in that frame of mind that we should live in a world that is so hard. Kindness is a small part of our universal language, an act that can be noticed no matter what language you speak or country you live in. Kindness empowers us all in ways that push us to strive for something better, to be something better. It is in this nature that we should all throw kindness out there to be overused, to be accepted as an act of kindness not an awkward ploy to get something we want.

You need to be better. You need to see and understand that there is so much kindness out there, so much in fact that it could tear a hole in this world if everyone used it a little more. Kindness.

Wave hello to a stranger. Smile. Dance in your kitchen and don’t be embarrassed when someone walks in on you. Sing in the car at the top of your lungs. Be there for everyone and anyone who needs you. Listen. Laugh. Be the person you would want in your life. Be kind. Show it. Listen to your heart. Embrace the beautiful soul you are. Embrace the world around you. Take it in. Breathe. Let it all out. Be kind.

Sweets, don’t let the hardness of this world make you hard. Don’t let the world put you down when all you need to do is smile, push past the negativity. You need to shine like the stars in a world that sucks happiness in like a black hole. You can change the world, never let someone tell you that you can’t because you can. No matter who you are, if you can succeed in this life, in your life, you can do whatever your little heart desires. So, be kind.

Show random acts of kindness. Not just this weekend but every single day. Touch the hearts of the people around you, show them your smile, show them your heart. You never know whose life you might help. You never know whose life you might save. You are special. You are worthy. You are everything someone is looking for. Be the you that you want to be. Be the you that is kind and generous, emotional and loving, there. Be kind.

“We need more kindness, more compassion,

more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.” Ellen DeGeneres

This world needs more people like Ellen DeGeneres. So be Ellen in a world filled with cold, unloving, disrespecting people. Be kind.

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