Chewie, We’re Home

When the door flies open, Han Solo and Chewie armed and ready to fight… At that moment my heart stopped. Goosebumps started prickling on my skin and a smile came that hurt my cheeks. The most iconic and by far the most dynamic duo was back. It was like they had never left. It was like they would go on together for a lifetime.

Han and Chewie have always been the duo that any fanatic would think of first when they thought of dynamic on screen duos. They are always there for each other whether it is finding away to get out of the carbonite that Jabba the Hut froze Han in or when trying to rescue the Princess or even trying to reconnect with Ben. The two were always there, together. When you think of one, the other is not far behind. There is no Han without Chewie, will there be a Chewie without Han?

It is the one question that eats at me after my heart was pulled from my chest and left me waiting for it all to be some kind of elaborate hoax. But alas, we are left there with Chewie’s agonizing cry, the stunned face of Finn and Rey’s scream. We are left there waiting… for nothing. When a hero dies, a new villain is reborn and that is exactly what this franchise needed. It needed to move away from one story and on to tell another, albeit one that is going to be a lot darker, if they decide to go that way. The birth of Kylo Ren as the villain will be one for this generation, one that will undoubtedly tell a tale of pain and separation. What truly forced him to be the way he is? Was it something Luke did? Or was it entirely on Leia and Han? I’m sure there are plenty of theories and novel tie ins but for the purpose of this, movies only. The questions are endless and until The Last Jedi hits theaters in around 300 or so days, we won’t know fully. And until then, I will go spoiler free, as much as I can.

But back to Han and Chewie. Their relationship has always been speculated about within the novels and in turn the movies (which still haven’t told us much). The meeting of the two has grown from Han being a saving grace to them being inseparable. The life debt extended over time and circumstance bringing out one of the greatest lifelong friendship for the books. The duo has triumphed over a lot of battles, losing people and droids, and even their beloved Millennium Falcon, still they stuck together…

What will Chewie do without Han?

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…” Han Solo, The Force Awakens

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