Memory Foam


It wasn’t very often that he found himself thinking about her. In fact, the last time he thought about her was the day after he said goodbye. A goodbye that struck both of them by surprise, a goodbye that wasn’t supposed to go down the way it did. But still, she was like the sun, pulling everything and everyone into her orbit. He never knew the lasting impression that she would have on him. He pulled her from his memory like she never left…

It was the first day, the day they both can remember, a day they will never forget. He was a bundle of nerves, sweaty palms and ramblings. She was quiet, reserved and holding on to all of his words. It was instant, the connection. It was a spark that neither had ever felt before. It was the beginning of something so spectacular yet so utterly painful, neither of them knew what they were getting into. Neither knew the impact that they would have on each other. Minutes turned to hours, sitting in there in the crowded hallway. Nothing else mattered, not the loud chattering of passerby’s or the fact that it was getting dark outside. They were lost in each others words. He pulled her from his memory like she never left…

A month had passed and it only grew. It was unexpected, it was fast, it was unquestionable. This feeling sprung up on him like Tiger would pounce on Pooh, like Winter at the end of Fall. He never expected it, it scared him. Would she feel it too? Would it be the same? Was this that BIG love you always read about? It was all a matter of time before he knew, before it was apparent, before life as they both had known it would change. He pulled her from his memory like she never left…

They say love comes blindly. They say you’ll know. In this case they were right. It was blind, it was easy, he and she – they knew. It was something out of the pages of The Notebook. But unlike Noah and Allie, he and she never had to work on it. It came to them like the wind blows the dust, easily. She hung on his every word like it would be taken away from her at the drop of a pin. He marveled in the way she spoke, the dignity that she gave to the people around her. He always knew her heart was the mystery wrapped in a chaotic mess of loss but he never questioned her. He always knew what to say just like she always knew when he needed her. He pulled her from his memory like she never left…

But just like it came, it went. By circumstance and ultimatums they were taken from each other, he and she. They lost touch, lost love, lost everything that they thought they had together. A love that grew from friendship was now a distant memory. A memory that brings such joy but such pain. A memory that he and she will hold near to their hearts for their lifetime. A memory that is so precious that nothing can disturb it. He pulled her from his memory like she never left…


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