Love is a…


Love is a great thing that the universe gave to us. It’s the ability to be blinded quickly, to loose your breath, to find solace, to be with someone and have it be easy. This isn’t to say it’s going to be easy to find the one, if there is just one. It’s going to be hard and tragedy will strike, your heart will break into a million pieces that only you can put back together. Love is wanting and needing with hints of serotonin and dopamine colliding in a beautiful way that science explains so perfectly. It is in that instant, when your neurons are firing and synapses touch; that is love happening, that is beautiful.

Love is messy and you deserve it. You deserve to have love songs written about you, poetry talking about the curve of your lips and the sway of your hips. You deserve to be their choice, the one they make daily. You deserve to be their first and last thought. You deserve so much, sweets, that you should never be passive about love. You deserve to be picky. You deserve a love so great that it’s story gets told across lifetimes.

Love is dancing in the kitchen with the music turned up loud, it is kissing in the rain, it is living. Love is what you see in the eyes of a child, it is the unyielding strength a mother gives her daughter, it is the superhero a father is to his daughter. Love is the lessons a father teaches his son, it is the comfort a mother brings to her son. Love is a powerful entity and it needs to be genuine.

So be someone’s choice they keep making every single day. Be the love that you want to receive. Love without boundaries and walls. It’s meant to be messy, sweets, so remember, if you have to give up one big love to find your greatest love because you found something that you were missing or lost, it’s okay. Love hurts but it heals. Love in this universe is spectacular if you’re willing.

So love, just love, in any form and in any capacity you can. It is meant to be a beautifully, imperfectly, terrifyingly, heartbreakingly, tragically glorious feeling.

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