My Portable Magic

where magic comes to life with every word

Welcome Home!

Stephen King once stated that “books are a uniquely portable magic.” A magic that can be, in turn, found within the pages of a book, the lyrics of a song, the story behind a great TV series. Magic is everywhere if you are willing to believe in it, if you are willing to look deeper into your imagination and just live in the moment. My Portable Magic will help get you there. It is my dream to influence, to inspire, to create a world where magic is possible with each word written. I want to allow you all to come on this journey with me, create with me, listen with me. I want my journey to become yours.

So, come along. We are all in for a great adventure.

xo, Shivonne.

Video Credit: Timon Rupp

Wanderlust: a strong desire or impulse to wander or explore. Ireland is one of many places that are that for me. The need to see, the need to be immersed in a place filled with endless rolling hills. Ireland is my one day, the place where anything is possible. For me, Ireland is my Paris.